Auckland City, New Zealand

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is an indigenous city of the Pacific. With unique Māori culture and heritage, Auckland is a vibrant, modern city where natural wonder, cultural diversity, youthful energy and economic strength combine to make us the engine of Aotearoa New Zealand, and the nation’s gateway to the world.

Fukuoka City, JAPAN

Fukuoka City is blessed with carious assets such as a history and culture shaped by the sea, rich natural environment, well-developed urban functions,and a wide variety of talent. The city is also praised as a one of the mostlivable cities in the world.
Fukuoka City has been developed through sea-based activities amid a history of exchange with the continent. In order to realize the vision of becoming "a focal point of exchange within Asia where people want to live,visit, and work," Fukuoka City aspires to become "a city which strikes a balance among people, the environment, and urban vitality."

Kagoshima City, JAPAN

The video clip shows aspects of Kagoshima such as its dynamism led Japan's modernaization and its liveliness as the international tourism city in the city's landscape with rich nature including Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.
With taking over the history and the culture from the ancient times, the hope that a new history will be built in 'REIWA' is expressed.,&XCHARSET=utf-8&XPORG=,&XJSID=0

Kitakyushu City, JAPAN

The city of Kitakyushu strives to be a leading SDGs city using strengths such as civic power and manufacturing technology to further enhance initiatives on environmental and international cooperations. The city is blessed with a world-class concentration in environmental and industrial technology, as well as urban infrastructure such as airports and sea ports. At the same time it is also blessed with nature, such as a long and beautiful coastline and lush mountains. With the aim to be “a city of environment and technology which nurtures people and culture that connects to the world, “Kitakyushu has developed itself into a city where “people desire to live and continue to live in”.

Kumamoto City, JAPAN

‘Look Up’ means “to raise one’s gaze,” “to take a turn for the better,” or “to keep a positive mindset.”
This is the story of a woman who travels to Kumamoto City where she reconnects with the climate and walk about a city that quickly captures her imagination.
At the end of the video, colorful balloons symbolizing strength and vitality rise up into the air above Kumamoto Castle.
The scene’s message is: whenever you feel down or lose heart, keep your head up. Kumamoto Castle is always there to lift our spirits. Let’s all look up!

Miyazaki City, JAPAN

Miyazaki City is one of the core cities in southern Kyushu with plenty of nature including Aoshima Island and good quality food as well as operating many sporting camp sites.
Please watch our introduction video with full of attractions in Miyazaki.

Nagasaki City, JAPAN

We introduce culture, food, and sights that represent Nagasaki City. We hope you will feel like you are strolling through the City of Nagasaki, experiencing the unique culture that has been nurtured since the opening of Nagasaki Port in 1571, as a port town, taking in various cultures from domestic and abroad.

Oita City, JAPAN

The charms of Oita City are condensed into a 5-minute video, an omnibus version of the seven genre mini-trips Oita City.

Saga City, JAPAN

Saga City is surrounded by rich nature and still has appearance of an original Japanese landscape.
A luxurious time to relax in the pleasant breeze and with the sounds of nature as background music.
In Saga, these exist in our daily life. Why don`t you come and find Saga gives you such excitements.